Keys to Starting a Digital Product Store in 2019

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  • June 18, 2019
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Whether you want to create a freedom lifestyle or just build a business that can scale, selling a digital product is one of the best options out there. Unlike a direct service, you’re not limited by the amount of time you have to provide it. And unlike a physical product, there’s no inventory, no shipping, and no worries about where your customers are located.

Once a digital product has been created, it can be bought and downloaded by as many customers as you can find. This means you can scale the business to any size while working from anywhere. 

So, what does it take to start a digital product store in 2019? The tools are definitely available. Here’s what you need to get started: 

A Great Product

Of course, you need something to sell. If you’re considering starting a digital product store, you may already have a product in mind or may even have it ready to go. If not, you’ll need to decide on a product and put it together or partner with a creator to sell their product. 

A digital product could be anything from a 99 cent song to a downloadable online course worth thousands of dollars. Books, music, software and apps, art, and digital courses are all examples of great digital products. You just need a product that provides value to your customers in some way. 

Picking the Right Name

Naming your store can be a fun process. Just make sure your creative juices don’t take you too far. You need a name that’s easy to remember and easy to spell. Complicated names and creative spellings can make it hard for customers to find your store. 

When you choose your name, make sure not to limit yourself too much. You may be selling a single digital product today but what if you want to expand and diversify down the road? Choose a name that works for more than one product and you can continue the name and reputation you’ve built with new products. 

Along with non-traditional spelling, avoid hyphens and other punctuation that your customers won’t expect if they’re spelling out your name after hearing it spoken (you want that word of mouth to work, right?).

Claim Your Domain

Your domain name is the address where your store will be found online. A short, memorable .com or .io domain name can make your digital product store look more established and professional. 

Name and domain go hand-in-hand. Take a look at available domain names while you’re deciding on your store name. If you’re able to get the .com domain name that matches your store name, you can make it much easier for customers to remember your URL and find your store. There’s nothing more frustrating than choosing a name you like and finding out the matching domain name is owned by someone who’s not even using it.

When looking for a domain name, consider your registrar options. The cost of your domain name may vary between registrars but hosting and security may be bundled together to provide a better overall price for your needs.  

Set Up Hosting

If your domain is the address where your store is found, hosting is the landlord. Your hosting company provides servers for your site. Choose a reputable hosting company to help ensure that the servers don’t go down (causing your site to be inaccessible) and that you get reliable customer service when needed.

Again, one factor in choosing your hosting company may be bundle services. Some offer free domain registration or easy set-up with the platform you’re using (like WordPress).  

Think Security

One thing many people forget about is an SSL security certificate. SSL certificates are a way to show the internet that your site is secure and trusted. It attaches a file to your site so browsers know you’re legitimate.  

Having an SSL certificate in place can establish trust with your customers, since a website without one is label “Not Secure” in the web browser. Even if the site is safe, this is unnerving for shoppers. In fact, you won’t be able to process online payments through a sight without SSL – at least not without a lot of extra steps and a special setup.

The SSL certificate is another thing you may be able to get bundled from your hosting provider. Keep that in mind when you shop for hosting and domain names.  

Secure, Convenient Payment Processing and More

Once you have all the basics set up on your digital product store, you’re almost ready to open your doors. But, of course, you don’t want a store if no one can pay you. Payment processing has to be set up to allow online card and bank payments from customers. 

There are several payment processors you can choose from and a lot of moving parts. Knowing which one to go with and how to set up payments on your store can be daunting. If you want to simplify the process and get started selling your digital product fast, look no further than

DPD offers more than just payment processing. You can upload your digital product easily and DPD will provide seamless digital delivery when your customers purchase your product. No more worries about delivery and fulfilment issues. 

Once your product is uploaded to DPD, you simply paste the “buy” button to your site allowing DPD to handle the payment and order processing for you. You bring in the customers and DPD does the rest. All for a flat monthly fee with no transaction fee per download, so you can scale as high and as quickly as you want. 

You can also use Zapier to connect DPD to many 3rd party apps like Mailchimp and Google, Analytics, making it easier to track your business and grow your sales. 

Are you ready to go from ambition to making your first sale in no time? DPD makes it possible. Click to learn more and get started now

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