Some Time Saving DPD Features you might not know about!

  • Chase@DPD
  • July 17, 2019

Hi vendors, friendly online support guy Chase here, just wanting to put a spotlight on a few features we offer that I think many of you will appreciate if you don’t already use them.

Existing Customer Login Buttons

We’ve been rolling with the new download system for over a year now, but one thing I don’t see many vendors using is our Customer Portal login button. This is a button option you can post on your website or wherever to give existing customers easy access to all their purchases and downloads from your store. 

It’s available in regular link format and all of our other button types. Just pick Customer Portal for the Cart Action field on any DPD product button code page to get it, it’s not a product specific option.

Filtered Purchase Record Exports

I’ve been having quite a few vendors writing in to our support desk lately looking for ways to get purchase records for specific time periods or products and supply accountants with necessary data. 

For exports like this just head to the Orders page via the left menu of your DPD dashboard. If you need to filter for specific time periods or anything else click the Advanced Search Options link under the search bar to open the extra search options, enter your filters, Apply them, and you’ll have a nice chronological list of your orders that met the filter requirements.

You can then export that list by clicking the extra options button with 3 dots on it in the upper right side of the page to get the different export formats:

The Purchases option is self explanatory, it focuses on the individual purchases and includes all of the relevant purchase data your accountant might need. The Purchased Products option highlights when specific products were purchased and is better suited for things like looking at which of your products sold most at any given time.

The Product Quick Menu

We touched on this when it was released, but the quick menu is a handy tool that makes customer service and updating products much faster, and I love it so let me tell you about it again.

If you click Products in the left menu of your DPD dashboard you get your list of products. Clicking View on any product takes you to its Details page which has literally everything you could want to do to the product on it plus records, but usually you aren’t trying to do all the things and for those cases we added the little quick menu.

Right next to the View button you’ll note a little arrow button, if you click it you get a little dropdown with options to do product actions like: edit the product, manage purchase actions, add extra price points, send product updates, send free downloads, and grab button codes.

That’s all for now and I hope you’ve all had a lovely week so far! If you need anything at all just write us a support ticket anytime or find me on live chat (available 9am-5pm EST weekdays).

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    by Matt
    Aug 09th, 2019


    I don’t have the customer portal option in the dropdown menu

      by KW
      Aug 14th, 2019


      We also don’t have a customer portal option in our Cart Actions choices.

    by Chase
    Aug 15th, 2019


    If you aren’t seeing a customer portal option you are most likely using the older download system in that store. DPD hasn’t moved all stores over to the new system, but can upon request via the helpdesk. All new stores use the new sessions based download system by default. Here’s our article on how it works:

    Feel free to write me at the helpdesk if you have any questions!

    – Chase

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