Try the next generation v4 Cart (Beta) with one page checkout and PSD2 / SCA compliance!

  • Jason@DPD
  • September 10, 2019

We’ve released version 4 of the DPD cart and checkout in Beta with a modern mobile friendly theme, one page checkout, and PSD2 compliance.

Modern Design

The v4 (Beta) design has been optimized to scale for screen and mobile devices and features a clean, light, modern design.

Non-technical people can select custom colors from the theme page like our other themes, and for those who want to dig in you get layout HTML and custom CSS access. The v4 theme is based on Bootstrap 4 so it should be familiar to most developers and designers.

True One Page Checkout

The v4 cart has a true, one page checkout with no additional pages for shipping, tax, custom fields, etc. That means your customers will go to one page, fill it out, and click complete order to be done!

The exception to this is of course when you use a 3rd party hosted processor like PayPal Standard or Express- they’ll go to PayPal to complete their transaction and then return to the DPD Cart. Even so, we’ve removed extra page loads for shipping and tax calculation which should significantly shorten the checkout experience.

SCA / PSD2 Compliance

The v4 cart has full SCA / PSD2 compliance for UK merchants using Stripe and PayPal Standard, Express, and Pro. This is the optional “Verified by Visa” and other card brand specific authentication that some cards require.

Try the v4 (Beta)

We’re calling this a Beta because it’s brand new and, like all brand new things that involve thousands of lines of new code, there may be a few bugs.

However, we’re making it available for use and feedback in your DPD accounts and it’s easy to give it a try:

  1. Log in to DPD
  2. Go to Settings > Checkout
  3. Click the purple button to go to Theme
  4. Add a new theme using the green button in the top right
  5. Select the v4 (Beta) theme
  6. Test it out, customize what you like, etc.
  7. When you’re ready to make it live, click the “Use this theme” button to switch.

Please note- switching themes will preserve all your checkout settings (custom text areas on each page, which fields are displayed, tax and shipping options, coupons, etc.) but if you’ve made any layout or custom CSS customizations you’ll need to redo them for the new theme as it uses new versions.

Give us Feedback

We want to hear your feedback on the v4 cart. Once we’ve gathered feedback and corrected any issues or bugs that arise, we have plans to release a number of other themes based on this checkout flow- a compact theme, a dark theme, etc. to give everyone options.

We want to make sure the base code is solid before moving forward with that though, so please- give us your feedback good or bad on the new v4 (Beta) theme! You can comment here or drop us a support ticket!

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    by Dale Martens
    Sep 13th, 2019


    Looks great! Does the new checkout fix some the Google Analytics issues that existed with the previous one? DPD Ticket 25039

    by Maurice
    Nov 04th, 2019


    Hey Guys!
    Looks fantastic!
    and very, very simple to incorporate for this newbie!!

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