v4 Cart Tweaks’n’fixes

  • Jason@DPD
  • September 17, 2019
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As with anything new, there are always a few rounds of tweaks and fixes as issues are found so here is a fresh hot batch!

Translation Fixes

Some of the field placeholder text (what’s shown in the input fields) and validation errors (the red text that says X field is required) were not being translated properly.

We fixed that! Check out these sweet Chinese placeholders and errors-

In addition, we added translations for some previously untranslated strings in the “pre-cart” pages like EULA, up-sell, download activation, etc.

Some Image and Spacing Tweaks

The images on one of the index layouts were not fluid, meaning they didn’t scale with the screen size. Evidently Fluid is the new Responsive. So, we made them very fluid.

The user text boxes where vendors can place content below the page content on the cart and checkout pages was too darn close to the page content, so we padded those bad boys out by about 20 pixels. It just looks better not scrunched up.

Somehow, a Google+ logo from our design mockups made it in to the production hosted product page. And by somehow I mean “I personally forgot to remove it and checked that bad boy right in to production.”

This is funny because Google+ hasn’t been a thing since April 2nd, 2019. My bad. We removed it.

Fixed a Stripe Refund Issue

This is kinda technical, but we changed the way we process Stripe transactions for PSD2 compliance with the v4 cart. Vendors were having issues doing a refund with this change, so we issued a fix and have the problem resolved. You can now give all the money back that you want if that’s what you’re in to.

We Welcome your Feedback

As always, we welcome your feedback on the new v4 cart. We’re correcting any issues that pop up as they come in and we’re all hands on deck during this release cycle, so please don’t hesitate to share feedback!

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