Upgrade Stripe to Add Apple Pay, Google Pay, and More!

  • Jason@DPD
  • August 7, 2023
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We know we’ve been a little quiet lately on the update front, but thats because we’ve been working on big things!

We’ve released a major upgrade for Stripe for product stores that adds Apple Pay, Google Pay, Link, and more to the DPD checkout. We’ve also added enhanced order and account management features in the DPD admin.

A Refined (more) Mobile Friendly Payment Flow

All modern themes for the DPD checkout have always been built for mobile, but we’ve made it even better! In addition to fixing some spacing and minor style inconsistency issues on mobile checkout, gone is the old payment method selection for PayPal + Card methods. Now we display a mobile friendly PayPal button for PayPal Standard / Express above the card form. This works great when paired with the next new feature….

Upgraded Stripe supports Apple Pay and Google Pay!

Once you’ve upgraded stripe your DPD checkout will show Apple Pay or Google Pay options based on the browser / device capabilities being used. Android Phones and Chrome browser (once configured for automatic payments) will show Google Pay automatically. iOS devices like iPhones and iPads as well as Mac/Safari browser will display Apple Pay. One click checkout methods improve conversions! Yay!

Want to try out the new checkout experience with Google/Apple Pay? We’ve enabled test mode on the DPD Demo Store so you won’t be charged!

Note: As with all things Google/Android, Google Pay can be a little more finicky than Apple Pay. Be sure to follow the steps here if Google Pay is not working in your Chrome browser and clear your browser’s cache if it doesn’t display.

Some DPD Admin / Stripe Improvements Too!

We’ve added the ability to search for the stripe Transaction ID to the Orders page in DPD. Have a transaction in Stripe that you want to match up to an order in DPD?

Its easy now- just search for the transaction ID using the big search bar:

Search for Stripe payment ID in DPD admin Orders page

Please note, Stripe has several “IDs” on their transaction pages for authorizations, captures, etc.

The one you want to search for in DPD is this “main” one at the top right of the page. Simply clicking on it automatically copies it for you to paste in to DPD:

How to find the correct Stripe transaction ID

Sounds Awesome! How do I Upgrade to Stripe Connect?

We’ve upgraded our integration to Stripe Connect, a more secure way for DPD to process transactions through your stripe account. Connect also offers a tighter integration between our platforms.

Unfortunately, you can not automatically upgrade from our legacy Stripe integration to the new Connect integration.

You’ll need to log in to your DPD account and do a simple upgrade process:

  1. Log in to DPD
  2. Go to Settings -> Payment Methods in the left menu
  3. Click the Upgrade to Stripe Connect button to upgrade and complete the process.
Upgrade to Stripe Connect

This will take you to a Stripe login page where you can either sign in using your existing Stripe account or create a new one. Once the process is complete you’ll be returned to DPD!

From there, you’ll see a couple new links on your Stripe Connect integration page:

New Stripe Connect account links added to payment integration page.

Update Account lets you change the connected account.

Login to Stripe Dashboard takes you directly to the DPD connected Stripe dashboard where you can adjust your payment settings, view transactions, etc. related to this specific DPD store.

By default, all payment methods that DPD currently supports through the new Stripe integration are enabled. If you want to change these settings you can use the Login to Stripe Dashboard link in DPD, go to Settings -> Payment Methods in stripe, and enable/disable whichever ones you want to support from the available options.

An option you want is not available yet? We’re working to add new payment methods (Installment payments through Affirm, Klarna, Afterpay/Clearpay, alternate methods like Cashapp Pay, etc.) and we’ll announce when those are available to be enabled in your connected Stripe account soon!

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