DPD Now Supports Groups in Mailchimp Lists

  • Jason@DPD
  • September 17, 2014
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Freddie_winkWe’re happy to announce that this morning we released another often requested feature- group support for Mailchimp integrations.

As always, vendors can select which mailing list they want to send buyers from a store to. Now, you can also optionally specify group options for subscribers based on store or product.

Store Group

If you want to use the same mailing list across multiple stores, DPD now lets you put all purchases from a specific store into a Mailchimp group.

By using a store group you’ll be able to segment sending to your list shared across multiple stores by the store they purchased from.

Product Groups

We’ve also added the ability to assign a group to the purchase of specific products.

This will allow you to laser focus your campaigns to a specific product or products purchased.

Mailchimp Group Support

Using Mailchimp Groups with DPD:

1. Set up your groups in Mailchimp.

2. Log in to DPD and go to Integrations in the left menu of DPD.

3. Add a new Mailchimp integration, or edit your existing integration.

4. Once you have entered your Mailchimp API key and selected your list DPD will automatically pull in the groups for the selected mailing list.

5. Simply assign which group you would like all purchases in the store to be assigned to under Store Group and/or add product specific rules below by selecting the product and then selecting which group we should tag the subscriber with.

You can use any combination of the store group and product specific groups (or just one or the other) at once.

DPD is Now Integrated with MailChimp!

  • Jason@DPD
  • June 10, 2010
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We’ve been working with MailChimp to get our services hooked up and I’m pleased to announce that DPD integration with MailChimp is now live!

Now you can pass customer data from any website profile directly to MailChimp automatically. DPD supports Name, Email, and Address data to be passed and automatically included in your lists (if your list has address fields).

We use MailChimp here at DPD for our infrequent customer newsletters and we think they’re the best around. Their service is outstanding, their support people are great, and from our integration experience with them I can tell you first hand that it’s run by a great group of people.

MailChimp offers THE best list management tool on the planet. They support autoresponders and signup forms and have an active user and developer community to help you get going. We really can’t say enough good things about MailChimp here at DPD- we’re feelin’ the “Chimp Love”.

We’ve written a simple guide on Integrating DPD with MailChimp to get you started fast. If you don’t already have a MailChimp account and want to foster better communication with your buyers, go get one. Mailchimp is totally free for lists below 500 subscribers! You’ll be amazed by all the powerful email marketing features.

This uses the brand-spankin’-new Notification URL feature that we deployed yesterday. Now that we have a common notification URL set up we’ll be working to integrate DPD with more and more services and products- if anyone has a special request post it to our feedback forum and if we get enough users asking we’ll do our best to get it hooked up!

PS- If you can’t tell we really, really like MailChimp.