Important Notice: PayPal checkout using a credit card bug (fixed)

  • Jason@DPD
  • March 9, 2011

Update April 12, 2011 We’ve just received word that PayPal has fixed this problem.

This is not a DPD error and there is nothing we can do to fix it from our end. PayPal currently displays the following error when trying to return customers who checkout using a credit card without a PayPal account to the DPD download page:

Sorry — your last action could not be completed
If you were making a purchase or sending money, we recommend that you check both your PayPal account and your email for a transaction confirmation after 30 minutes.

If you came to this page from another website, please return to that site (don’t use your browser’s Back button) and restart your activity.

This PayPal bug does not pertain only to DPD- it is a system-wide PayPal bug and is affecting all checkouts using a credit card for every shopping cart, delivery service like DPD, and even simple PayPal buttons created in your PayPal account.

PayPal knows about the issue but they have not provided an ETA on when checkout might be back to normal. You can read up on the issue on the official PayPal developer forums and DPD has filed a ticket with PayPal so we can be notified when this is fixed, but for now there is no resolution.

PayPal’s last reply to our ticket:

Thanks for contacting PayPal today. We are currently working on the return URL errors issue. I am creating this ticket to communicate with you about the issue and notify you when it is resolved. Please note that we cannot provide a timeline for resolution at this time. Please stand by for additional updates. Again, thank you for contacting us, and if you have additional questions or updates to your ticket, please reply to this message.

We highly suggest that everyone affected by this bug file a support ticket with PayPal so they understand how serious of an issue this is- You can file a ticket with Merchant Technical Support here:

This is not a DPD error and there is nothing we can do to fix it from our end. You will still get paid, DPD purchases activate normally, and DPD sends the download link to your customers via email like any other transaction. However, until PayPal fixes this bug your buyers will not be automatically sent to the download page at DPD and will instead see the above error message if they check out using a credit card and not a PayPal account.

We understand that seeing an error right after checkout can be distressing at the least, but until PayPal fixes the bug on their site there is nothing we can do but wait with you. Please be reassured that DPD is working normally and sending download links via email and hopefully PayPal will get their act together soon!

Important Notice: PayPal is Having Lots of Issues Today

  • Jason@DPD
  • November 12, 2010

Today has been one heck of a day for PayPal. They have been having problems with their API system, Webflow system, Website, Developer Sandbox and just about everything else. This has caused all manner of havoc for vendors and your loving DPD support staff.

It’s never fun for us to tell vendors that PayPal just isn’t working, even when it’s completely out of our control, but we’ve had to several times today. We just pushed an update to DPD that should help mitigate some of the purchase errors that some vendors are getting, and hopefully this will fix 99% of the problems that DPD vendors are having today.

Some purchases for a number of vendors were not activated when PayPal failed to send out Instant Purchase Notifications (IPNs) or malformed IPN data. DPD uses this IPN data to verify that a purchase was paid for, so when PayPal doesn’t send it (or sends garbage) then DPD can’t verify a purchase and activate a download. We’re working on identifying all those transactions that PayPal messed up and correcting them manually.

Currently there are 47 broken transactions out of 3000+ vendors but we normally average less than 1 error a day so this is unacceptable- we’re doing our best to make it right for everyone affected by the PayPal IPN sillyness. If you have transactions with the status of “Error” in your DPD Purchase List, please contact support so we can take a look at them. We can’t control PayPal’s problems, but we’ll do our best to clean up the damage for our users.

[box type=”note” style=”rounded” border=”full”]Update: We’ve activated all the transactions we could find that were affected by PayPal’s issues and were not already refunded by the vendor. We’ll continue to monitor incoming IPNs for further issues.[/box]

A Few New Features and Tweaks

  • Jason@DPD
  • May 26, 2010
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This morning we published a minor update to DPD that added a few new features and tweaked a couple of improvements made in the last update.

New features and tweaks included in this update:

  • DPD now displays product images on an improved delivery page designed to give your customers more info about what they’re downloading.
  • If there is no product image uploaded, DPD will display a file type icon to give buyers a better understanding of what they’re downloading.

    Here is an example from the DPD Demo Store:

    DPD product delivery page
    The delivery page now shows product type icons if no product image is uploaded, or the product image is one is provided for the product.
  • If you’ve uploaded a product image it is now displayed in the DPD product list.
  • We’ve digitally signed the DPD product uploader for enhanced security.
  • We corrected the button image alt text on free buttons.
  • Revamped sales site to include new features in last update.
  • Automatic subscription emails for failed payments, cancellations, and credit cards that are expiring soon.
  • Fixed problem with language selector on delivery page.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the “remove” link to revert to the non-lightboxed cart.
  • ClickBank purchases now record customer name so they can be used with AWeber integration, etc.
  • Fixed a PayDotCom activation issue that affected a couple accounts.

During the last update we also upgraded the PayPal checkout process to include individual items and discounts, so your customers will get an itemized PayPal receipt. We just forgot to tell anyone we did it.

PayPal Checkout is now Itemized with each item and any discounts
PayPal Checkout is now Itemized with each item and any discounts

Compared to the last update this one was relatively minor- just a few new features and tweaks. As always, if anyone has any questions or comments please submit a support ticket and we’ll get right with you!