New Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking Integration

  • Jason@DPD
  • July 20, 2012
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Today we’ve released a new integration that automatically sends transaction information to Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking.  

The integration will pass the following on successful order completion with DPD:

  • DPD purchase ID
  • Order Total
  • Tax and Shipping Totals
  • Items included in the order

This will let you track your sales, view traffic sources and referral info for purchases, generate reports, and more in Google Analytics.

To set up the integration is easy.   Simply go to Integrations in the left menu, find the Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking integration in the list, and click the +Add button.  Enter your Google Analytics account number for the website associated with your cart (found on your account home page after logging in to Analytics) and you’re in business.  No complicated JavaScript or variables- DPD handles all that automatically.

Other Improvements

We’ve also made a change to the way the universal 3rd party tracking integration works- you can now select if the tracking code will be shown once per transaction or every time the delivery page is loaded.  This is useful for preventing false conversions on goal funnels and trackers that track every page load (like Google Analytics and Adwords) by only showing the tracking code once per transaction.

You can enable or disable the “show only once per transaction” option when editing or setting up the 3rd party tracking code integration in your list.

New Feature: Universal 3rd Party Conversion Tracking Integration

  • Jason@DPD
  • July 6, 2012

Recently we’ve had a lot of requests to integrate various 3rd party conversion and affiliate tracking systems with DPD. These integrations use either a bit of JavaScript or a HTML tracking pixel image on the confirmation page of your store to track sales.

Well, we’ve just released a universal 3rd party HTML / JavaScript Conversion Tracking integration!

This integration will allow you to place any 3rd party conversion or affiliate tracking code on your store’s delivery / order confirmation page. The integration also includes variables for order, customer, and store values so you can pass information like the order total, purchase ID, or customer info in to your tracking code.

The integration is easy to use:

1. Log in to your DPD account
2. Go to Integrations in the left menu
3. Add the “3rd Party Conversion Tracking Code” integration to your store
4. Name the integration and paste your code.
5. Save. That’s it!

Links to the available variables and reference documentation are on the setup page.

DPD Knowledgebase Documentation